On your marks, Get set…..Go!!


Aimless I used to wander, completely unmindful about  my own inner ambitions. Always had a strong feeling that I am meant to do something, never once realizing what the “something” was. One fine day, I  accidentally run into a White man sipping tea a midst all the students. It looked like he did not belong there. “Hey, How are you? I am Ted, Ted Moallem. I am a faculty here working on projects with a group of students”. With my heart beat picking up,I said,  “ I wanna work on a project too, Sir! My name is Spandana.”  “Okay Spandana, so what are your interests?” “I can work on anything and everything, Sir!!” I said almost jumping on my feet unable to resist the excitement.

Well, you have to be more specific, Spandana…….”

                                                                                                                                          Next: PandaBraille, My First Love


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