Education For Development!!


A group of people from all backgrounds, rich, poor; biology, civil, electrical, computer science; students, professors, social workers, entrepreneurs sat together in a room on 23rd March, 2013  to shape a new concept of Education which is in contrast to the traditional teaching and learning methods. A country like India comprising of one fifth of the total population where people are caught up in an endless vicious cycle of poverty, unemployment and illiteracy needs an immediate reform in  education system. There is huge potential and very less access to the resources. Thus with a motive to establish an innovative, scalable, sustainable model, free of charge, accessible to everyone, benefiting mostly the underprivileged masses, the E4D concept came into existence through numerous meetings.

Honestly, I was skeptical about the methodology initially. I had various doubts the implementation. Who would I ask? It’s a new concept for everyone. Then I decided, let me start jotting down each question carefully and start finding answers to them one by one.  I never once asked, ‘ How will you make it feasible, sustainable?‘. I knew, currently no one had an answer. Even if they did, I did not know if its the right one.  Instead, I told myself “ I will find ways to make it feasible, sustainable.” And so I started working hard to bring this concept to life. At this stage, its an essential part of my life, a possible future. Brick by brick,I have helped in building our temple alongside my team mates. Some joined while some left. The construction is not finished, yet it’s foundation is so strong.  There is so much more about E4D that will take forever to write about. It is an interesting ongoing journey and I will keep you posted!

Visit us at http://e4d.in


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