10,000mAH Powebank – MI vs Honeywell

Advent of Technology has brought with it certain changes in our lifestyle. One of the major inventions that puts life into our Electronics is the electrical charge.  Powerbanks are fast climbing to the top of the must-haves-list ladder. It becomes even more important if you own multiple USB devices such as Kindle, Tablet, Speaker, Camera, Bluetooth Headphones, Mobile phone. It also comes in handy when you are travelling, organizing events or if you accidentally forgot to charge your phone.

MI and Honeywell have launched two of their best-selling models last month. Which one to buy? Let’s take a look at them!



The Honeywell Zest Power Bank is a 10,000mAH, relatively low profile device available at the price of Rs.1,699. It is a Li-Polymer based battery, meaning your powerbank is robust, safer and lighter to use and weighs 200g. The downside is that it will have a relatively shorter lifespan.

It has a charging time of 4 hours with 5V, 2A Input charger. It has two USB Outputs each supplying 2.4A current which is ideal for fast charging mobile phones.  It also has an LED charge indicator which indicates the amount of charge left in the battery. Trials have shown that it can supply current upto 2 full charge cycles of a Moto G5. It is only available in Dark Grey color.

And now our second contestant 10,400mAH MI Power Bank 2i!


MI has been consistent in releasing low-cost competitive specs in the market and this time, it has done it again. This 10,400mAH power bank costs Rs.999. Similar to its Honeywell contemporary, this MI powerbank has two USB output ports and an LED indicator. It offers two-way fast charging of 2A and boasts a conversion rate of more than 90%. The output compatibility is extended to 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A.

The form factor of this power bank is much compact and is pocket-friendly. It weighs around 250gms. It is recorded to supply current for upto 3.5 full charge cycles of a Moto G5. It is available in Black, White, Gold, Silver, Blue and Green colour.


In conclusion, 10,000mAH Powebanks- MI vs Honeywell? MI is a clear winner out of the two latest releases.