The summer of 2012 ~A Prologue


Email: All students staying back and doing summer projects will be offered credits.

“Let’s do this!!”

Hemant: “ I’m in!”

Amandeep : “ Let’s work on building an assistive device for the disabled.

Abhijit : “ We are gonna be one Kick- Ass team !

Me: “ Hello Aman, nice to meet you 😉 

After a lot of deliberation, we settled on working with “Micro controllers!”. They can be used to design a wheelchair manoeuvring system using Facial and Eye movement.  It consisted of two parts,the Facial recognition software along with eye mapping and the hardware interface with the motors controlling the wheels. Based on the facial movement, continual input to the micro controller is given which processes it in order to rotate the motors attached to the back wheels.

Repeatedly, failing multiple times for days, we never gave up hope. Mornings were fun sitting in the lab and experimenting with different modules of program code. During the afternoon lunch breaks,  there were semi functional canteens which led to my starvation for an entire month. I could not go outside the campus to get food as female students weren’t supposed to leave  at anytime during the day or night  throughout summer, the summer of Imprisonment. The labs would close down by 5p.m.  All the female students in the campus were supposed to return back to the hostel gates by 6p.m. and be confined within the hostel buildings till the sun rises again. Feeling jailed, I would patiently wait for the next day to come.


However, I had loads of fun with the craziest roommates ever (credit goes to Garima, Nishchay and Oishee)

On the 25th day, after a lot of hard work and despite the frustratingly meaningless confinement, we successfully managed to run the program and present the prototype.

A proud moment!




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